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Glass melting and fining is a delicate balance between energy efficiency, glass quality and maximum throughput keeping emissions within legislative boundaries.

Changing composition raw materials into a molten glass that meets the needs of production is one of the most complex processes in the industry.

Extreme dead times and sometimes frequent pull rate fluctuation of the glass furnace makes the control of the furnace process complex. As the furnace is one of the most expensive resources for a glass manufacturing plant, stable and smooth control is a must, capable of keeping all parameters inside their narrow boundaries, as this will have a positive effect on the furnace lifetime.

Eurotherm Solution

Our Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) integrated into the AVEVA System Platform (Powered by Wonderware) offers a scalable and reliable process automation environment.

Foxboro PAC offers DCS functionality with or without redundancy at PLC prices. The AVEVA Historian database provides long term archiving and trending, easy data retrieval and strong data analysis tools. Our process control can be easily expanded with Advanced Process Control features based on Invensys SimSci Connoisseur software.

  • High availability with dual redundant processors
  • World renowned accuracy of control
  • Continuous, precise glass level control
  • Cross-limiting lead/lag combustion control
  • Fuel flow/ratio control
  • Oxygen trim
  • Fuel switch over control

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