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Case Study, January 2014

Through supplier partnership mutual client realizes benefits of innovative approach

Challenge: Work Together to Satisfy Client Need

At the end of December 2013, RoviSys, Eurotherm and RoMan Manufacturing met at the RoMan facilities in the U.S. to explore and test the viability of integrating a Eurotherm EPower controller with the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC. The test was in response to a request from a mutual client who asked—“Can your products be integrated so they can communicate seamlessly during our manufacturing process?”

The Solution: Integrative Communications Between Controls, and Control and Transformers

Even though establishing communication between ControlLogix and EPower using Ethernet IP can be a relatively simple process, Matt Knott, RoviSys Group Manager of Global Glass Automation, wanted to validate the rationale for integrating the EPower into a glass process control application. Surprisingly, after the initial testing, it only took 15 minutes for Kevin Jones, RoviSys Systems Engineer and Chris Mooney, Eurotherm Product Specialist to setup and establish communications between the units—and less than one hour, to be in full control of the RoMan Water-Cooled AC Transformer. With the help of Mikaël Leguern, a Eurotherm engineer central to the EPower development, the team was able to obtain process critical data and diagnostics on the accessibility of EPower settings and parameters from the PLC.

The Benefit: Expedited Start-Up & Smoother Operation

At the end of the testing period, RoviSys, Eurotherm and RoMan Manufacturing were in agreement that the test results point to the development of a new and innovative solution that promises amazing results for the glass industry. With it, the client will have the ability to expedite on-site commissioning processes and provide smoother operation for technicians, engineers and operators.

From left to right:
Stanley Rutkowski III, RoMan Manufacturing
Lead Engineer
Chris Mooney, Eurotherm Product Specialist
Mikaël Legruen, Eurotherm Sales Manager
and Power Products Specialist
Matt Knott, RoviSys Group Manager
Global Glass Automation
Kevin Jones, RoviSys Engineer
Rene Meuleman, Eurotherm Technical Leader
Global Glass

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