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According to Marco Antonio Fernandes Aguilar, Sales Director at Eurotherm Ltda in Braxil, the glass industry in South America representsan important target market for the company’s automation products and control solutions.

Part of Eurotherm by Schneider Electric, Eurotherm Ltd based in Campinas, Sao Paulo state has been serving Brazilian industry for almost 50 years, trading as a Eurotherm subsidiary since 2002. Sales Director, Marco Antonio Fernandes Aguilar has worked for the business since 2016 and is targeting the local glass market as a key area for development.

“Today, we have a versatile team of nine employees, with experience in glass and life science-related applications” he explains. “We are supported by both our international partner network and also by our global Eurotherm systems and services team of glass experts.”


In the glass industry, the company’s previous experience relates primarily to the control of manufacturing process furnaces for automotive glass tempering applications. “Our customers need high process reliability and accuracy, the main characteristics they can find in Eurotherm products.”

Eurotherm engineers have core expertise in precision control strategies and related services that help customers to meet tight tolerances and achieve high efficiency manufacturing. “Businesses appreciate our local support in the design, installation and maintenance of solutions, whether it be for new or upgrade installations.”

EPower and EPack power control modules are a popular choice with local glass industry customers and the company intends to build on success gained in other regions by promoting the benefits of the high efficiency power control system design. “For process control, our systems are based on Eurotherm T2550 PAC or T2750 PAC controllers, which offer customers the combination of high availability and precision control they require” says Marco Aguilar. “The 3500 advanced temperature controller and programmer range is also a popular product in some applications.

Process Solutions
From the simplest single loop control to full-scale information integration and plant-wide distribution control systems, Eurotherm can provide scalable, modular solutions to match a customer’s application and budget. As requirements grow, new modules can be incorporated into existing systems, with integration a key part of Eurotherm offerings. It’s products, hardware as well as software, are designed to work on multiple communication platforms, with connectivity at all levels.

According to the company, the most cost-effective results are achieved by using Eurotherm redundant automation products such as Eurotherm PAC, integrated into the Schneider Electric AVEVA System Platform (Powered by Wonderware). They provide accurate measurement, precision control, tamper-resistant data recording and high system availability.

Latin American coverage  
While Brazil has been the main focus of its activities to date, Eurotherm Ltda is confident of developing business opportunities with glassmakers throughout Latin America and in particular, in Argentina. Users of flat and curved automotive tempering processes are particular targets, as the region’s hollow glass manufacturers.

The Brazilian Eurotherm office is integrated into the Global Eurotherm strategy and operations. “In the glass industry, we relate to our global specialist personnel, receiving support from international Eurotherm glass experts and providing local support for the implementation and operation of local projects, many of which are designed and purchased in other parts of the world” Marco Aguilar confirms.

The global group’s existing glass manufacturing knowledge is considered an important benefit for customers, helping to provide customers with the best solutions, already tailored to local conditions and meeting, or exceeding the customers’ expectations, with improved costs and efficiency.

Improving market conditions
With Brazil still recovering from the effects of a major recession, prospects for the future are positive. “Process upgrades and new projects have been postponed because of this negative context but are now starting to recover again” says Marco Aguilar. “Now that the economy is back on track and consumption is growing, there is good potential for the glass container industry in particular.”

By comparison, other parts of Latin America suffered a less severe recession. Glass volumes are increasing, as the industry shows positive signs of recovery. This bodes well, both for the region’s glass industry and suppliers like Eurotherm Ltda.

“Existing glass plants are starting to implement modernisation projects and upgrades, with Eurotherm continuing to offer local customers high efficiency, high availability solutions, based on power and process control expertise” Marco Aguilar concludes. “As experts in data acquisition, we offer a pragmatic approach to data analytics for those wishing to take advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies in their glassmaking processes. Latin America customers can take advantage of Eurotherm renowned quality, precision and accuracy for integrated solutions in process controls and monitoring.”

Article originally published in Glass Worldwide issue 77, May 2018

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