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The extremely high temperatures and challenging atmospheric conditions involved in glass melting, fining and conditioning processes require the application of special thermocouple technology.

These thermocouples need to be capable of accurate measurement whilst demonstrating the minimum in temperature drift over time.

This long term stability is a key factor in a glass manufacturer’s ability to control and operate processes to the limits of acceptable glass quality whilst achieving the best in energy efficiency.

Furthermore, if thermocouple technology is applied to measure and protect critical areas of the furnace, such as the crown against overheating, it is imperative that these sensors are both reliable and robust over long periods of time.

Eurotherm design, supply, maintain and service a broad range of glass customer specified high temperature thermocouples around the globe, in addition to supplying our own market leading high temperature oxygen probes. A variety of bespoke thermocouples can be created with the following features:

  • Single/double and triple type S-R and B element(s)
  • Thermo element wire diameters from 0.3 to 0.5 mm
  • Protection thimbles made from pure Pt (ZGR/ODS/FKS-stabilized), PtRh90/10% and PtRh 80/20% as well as precious metal coating by Pt and PtRh (ACT)
  • Diameter of precious metal thimbles from  6mm up to 12mm or even more
  • Wall thicknesses starting from 0.2 mm
  • Length and dimension according to your needs and demands

We are able to recycle your scrap Pt-PtRh tubes and thermo-element wires, credit to your company’s account, then debit new deliveries of precious metal to your account.

We are fully committed to help you save money on one of your most expensive production aids by providing the products and services you need to improve fuel efficiency and reduce NOx emissions in your plant.

Combine these capabilities with our Programmable Automation Controller (PAC), specially designed ZrO2 interfaces and world class combustion control algorithms. Then you can be confident you have found a partner in factory automation who knows about glass. Our objective is to bring to the glass industry cost effective, high quality, accurate and stable temperature and oxygen measurement in order to help you get the most from your process

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