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The Digital Fume Hoods VAV kit

Optimize energy consumption, rationalize chemicals use and manage waste conscientiously

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Optimize material and waste management

(future release)
  • Centrally track and manage raw materials
  • Identify processing residues to be used for profitable recycling
  • Manage exposure of operators to chemicals


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Streamline laboratory maintenance

  • Move from preventative maintenance to predictive maintenance as a result of data gathered during use.
  • Enable remote alarm management to minimize impact of anomalies before they compromise equipment, to help prevent the possibility of accidents.

Planning and testing

  • Enables planning of calibration and periodic tests based on the fume hood’s past and expected future use.
  • Identification of the hood for operator use based on past use, residual life of filters, and schedule of periodic calibrations and tests
  • Help in determining the best match between the hazardous chemicals to be used and each hood’s current performance.

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