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Simple: It’s In The Selection of the Retrofitter!

For years, molders have searched for ways to increase productivity, improve quality or produce less scrap, singularly or in combination of all three. But when you really look at it, it’s all about performance.

Not just the performance of the control, but of the company/person providing and installing it.

Understanding the needs of the plastic molding industry in combination with the offering of leading control and automation expertise, a properly engineered control system that is installed by an experienced retrofitter can offer many productivity improvements.

Today’s economic conditions make it harder than ever to hit productivity and profit budgets. Working with an experienced retrofitter in your type of molding application who provides complete systems solutions from start-to-finish, complemented by engineering and programming abilities, professional installation, start-up and hands-on customer training that are all backed by a superior product warranty, is certainly you best path toward achieving your goal for increasing productivity with less investment.

That type of careful selection and always checking references should provide the many reasons why working with Eurotherm’s factory-trained internal and independent family of System Integrators is your best solution for success with control upgrades.

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