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Recently, I have been researching  the very innovative Blow/Fill/Seal processing for sterile liquid packaging applications.

This is  the process for producing vials, bottles and even bags, and then filling and sealing them at the machine within the manufacturing process.  This Blow/Fill/Seal process is recognized as an Advanced Aseptic Process by U.S. F.D.A. designed for sterile liquid packaging applications such as Parenterals, Ophthalmic, Respiratory care, Neutraceuticals and Biologics in plastic containers.

Now, if you are fortunate enough to witness this in person, you soon realize that this is a highly sophisticated method of producing a controlled part and adding a secondary process of filling and sealing it right at the station.  But in the amazement of watching this happen, you soon forget that there are other important factors that are necessary to not just produce the best product possible within the U.S. F.D.A. guidelines, but also as efficiently as possible or else profitability goes right “out the window”.

That’s why high quality molds paired with machines that have the latest in processing controls enable molders to reduce plastic consumption in the ‘Flash’ wastage area. This is so important to cost and quality that overlooking this can be detrimental to your overall objective of profitability.


he next time you use one of these sterile liquid packaging products, I’ll bet you will feel more confident when you know that the manufacturer of the BFS packaging your using has the right equipment with the best in processing control to do so.  As a long time contact lens wearer, I know I am!

For more information on this specific equipment, visit www.alp-solutions.com.

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