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Power Control Applications

Eurotherm have  more than 50 years’ experience within power control with a wide range of products rich in features and designed for easy operation and reduced engineering time. Our power products cover all types of load and voltage, with features such as high performance alarm strategy and advanced diagnostic load fault detection.  Find our latest application solutions that can help maximize your energy usage here


Additive Dosing Control using the nanodac

Control the dosing level of a liquid or gasThis application note describes how the nanodac can be used to control...

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EPower – Electricity Generation Client Energy Management

“Company executives estimate that the solution will reduce energy costs by improving overall process efficiency by as much as 10%”...

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EPower – Energy Management in Buildings

This is an exciting application for Eurotherm because it offers a solution to building energy savings. This problem is encountered...

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EPower – Renewable Energy Solar energy management

The LTC solution vastly improves the power factor. In real terms it could provide huge cost savings ahead of expected...

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EPower – Kanthal Heat Manufacturer, Sweden

“The concept is that the EPower ™ instrument will be sold in conjunction with Kanthal Super heaters as a solution...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack, Controllers & Recorders

Company: Provider of process control, automation, instrumentation and environmental engineering solutionsIndustry: Composite Curing for Aerospace Composites (aircraft wings)Customer Group: System Integrator...

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Electrical heat treat of bulk solids with the Mini8 loop controller and EPower controller

Company: Equipment manufacturer specialist in heat treatment of bulk solids and gasesIndustry: Food & BeverageCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Electrical heating and control optimizationCustomer...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack and EPower

Company: Manufacturer of lighting systems and traffic engineering facilitiesIndustry: Building AutomationCustomer Group: End UserProject / Application: Control of high pressure...

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Simplifying and improving furnace power control with the EPower controller and Predictive Load Management

Company: Automotive Parts ProcessorIndustry: Heat TreatmentProject / Application: Replacement thyristor power switch and load sequencer – vacuum carburizing furnaceCustomer Challenge: Modernize power control...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPack

Company: Tyre manufacturer in automotive industryIndustry: Heat TreatmentCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Power control for Electrical “Vulcanization” PressCustomer Challenge: Compare steam press technology against electrical...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower 2

Company: Specialists in control and automation solutionsIndustry: Energy Generation from Recycled WasteCustomer Stream: OEMProject / Application: Heating ControlCustomer Challenge: Stable heatingFeatures, Solutions & Services Provided:Precision...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – EPower

Company: Designer and supplier of glass melting technologyIndustry: GlassCustomer Group: Manufacturer, System IntegratorProject / Application: Boosting system based on water-cooled power equipmentCustomer Challenge: Customer needed...

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