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Metals Processing Applications



Sinter PlantThe function of the Sinter Plant is to supply the blast furnaces with sinter, a combination of blended ores,...

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Heat / Cool with Carbon Potential or Oxygen Level Monitoring

Metal Heat Treatment Furnaces ApplicationThe purpose of this application note is to describe how the nanodac recorder/controller may be used...

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Soaking Pit

OPTIMISE THE HEAT TREATMENT FURNACE CONTROL PROCESSSoaking pits are necessary to heat up and soak metal ingots to a uniform...

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Single and Multi-stack Batch Annealing

Annealing is a process in which metals, glass and other materials are treated to render them less brittle and more...

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An Introduction to the Heat Treatment of Metallic Alloys

Heat treatment can be defined as a combination of heating and cooling operationsHeat treatment can be defined as a combination of heating...

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Blast Furnace and Stoves

Blast FurnaceThe blast furnace area provides the raw material for steel-making. Iron produced in the blast furnace contains a high...

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Blast Furnaces Gas Flare Application

Eurotherm’s Visual SupervisorFollowing its enormous success with packaged applications such as electrode breakage detection for the glass industry and automation...

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Steelmaking / BOS Plant

What is steel?Steel consists in the majority of iron but with high levels of carbon e.g. 4% removed and a...

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T2550 PAC, Heat Treatment – Hydro Aluminium

“By using Low-temperature Oxyfuel, we can melt 50% more cold aluminium in the same amount of time as we did...

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Metals Applications

Our global networks of companies have an impressive installed baseAcross the ferrous and non-ferrous sectors, providing control systems and business...

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