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My Eurotherm placement was during the summer of 2006, as an Electronic Design engineer.

I studied Maths and Sciences at A-Level, before going on to do General Engineering at the University of Durham. In my third year I specialised in Electronics, and it was following this that I spent 12 weeks working in Worthing.

Looking for experience working in a Research and Development environment, I discovered Eurotherm by searching the Internet for student engineering placements. I applied and was invited to interview. Having also applied to Telecoms and Military companies, I chose Eurotherm because of the impression the company made during the interview day.

My project involved looking at a new standard for temperature measurement, designing and modelling changes to an analogue input circuit. This involved a customer site visit to understand the requirement, designing and building experimental circuits, learning a new software modelling tool, and making recommendations on the complete process of measuring thermocouples.

During my placement, I was introduced to the full variety of roles within R&D and found the personnel to be friendly and helpful.

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