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I spent a very interesting six months at Eurotherm carrying out an exciting and memorable placement. As a member of the R+D department, I worked alongside engineers with different areas of technical expertise. Being part of such a lively and productive working environment certainly was an enjoyable experience.

The diverse range of projects offered by Eurotherm is testimony to the wide scope of their activities. My project applied the latest ideas in the field of web design to the retrieval of process data. Attending meetings and talking to fellow colleagues helped me place the relevance of my work in the context of the department. Knowing that a real need for the project existed was a considerable source of motivation.

I kept track of my progress through the placement by way of an internal blog. For me, this was a novel and successful way to record and communicate my achievements as the project developed. With both a project manager and a campus manager within the company, I had someone with whom I could discuss any issues or concerns, project-related or not.

The company realises the value that students can bring and is not afraid of giving them independence and freedom to express their own ideas. Joining Eurotherm as a placement student is an opportunity to experience the responsibilities of an engineering role whilst also working on a fresh and exciting project.

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