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I first came to Eurotherm as part of my A-level work experience, during which I was placed in Production Engineering. From this, I was offered a summer placement, which led to a gap-year placement in Test Engineering, and onwards to several university summer placements in R&D.

Being able to experience many different departments in this way was extremely valuable to me, as it gave me a taste of many different aspects of engineering. Since Eurotherm has many engineers from different disciplines and backgrounds, even when I was working within a single department I was able to observe how multi-disciplined teams of engineers work together to solve both day-to-day challenges and long-term projects.

As well as in teams, I also worked on a variety of individual projects, ranging from software design and implementation to the commissioning of an instrument test station. As I progressed at university, Eurotherm gave me more complex projects and more responsibility, giving me the chance to learn aspects of project management and presentation skills as well as more technical skills such as C++, MFC, and Perl.

Through my Eurotherm placements, I learned which aspects of engineering I most enjoyed, enabling me to confidently choose the areas in which to specialise during my final university year.

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