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In my role as Accounts Associate at Eurotherm I joined a focused and hard-working Finance team where I got exposure to a range of tasks, including but not limited to, preparing reports on the business’ Sales orders and revenue figures, working with accounts receivable to recover owed money, and assisting in the process of turning a large project into actual revenue. My colleagues have been incredibly good at explaining technical aspects of my work as well as improving my understanding from a business point of view. As my placement went on I was given more responsibility and freedom in my work yet have never been afraid to ask a question if I got stuck.

Despite mainly operating within the Finance department I have found myself completing work for colleagues all over the business from R&D to Sales, which has allowed me to get a much better insight into the operation of the business as a whole. Also, the work I have done has been used by people from all levels of seniority, from other interns all the way up to the Vice President! This is a great aspect of working at Eurotherm as you get the close community feel backed by the support of the larger parent company, Schneider Electric, which is something I doubt you’d get on many other placements. It has allowed me to interact and learn from people with expertise in a wide range of areas within business.

I’d recommend applying to Eurotherm if you want to gain experience doing meaningful work within Finance while also learning about wider business processes at the same time.

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