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Hi, I am Josh Brown and I recently partook in an 8-week placement at Eurotherm as part of my Product Design course at Bangor University. Whilst I was there, I was given the task of redesigning their precision control demo equipment they take to STEM events. The aim of the project was to create a design proposal that increases interactivity and appeal to maximise customer interaction.

Throughout the 8 weeks I learnt various new skills such as Arduino Programming, Web Development and further improved my CAD skills in order to provide a new design proposal for the existing apparatus. The final outcome of my proposal was a positive one which received a lot of positive feedback.

This placement required me to come out of my comfort zone because of the new surroundings and having to adjust to how Eurotherm operate on a daily basis. However, I was able to settle in a lot quicker because of how welcoming and approachable the staff were which allowed my project to progress continuously.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my work placement at Eurotherm by Schneider Electric. I really appreciate being given this opportunity as the skills I have learnt are invaluable towards my future career.

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