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CAMX The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo 2023

Oct 30 – Nov 2 Atlanta, GA


Watlow at CAMX 2023 – Booth #J28

We’re excited to be exhibiting at CAMX 2023. Stop by our booth #J28 to discuss Industry 5.0 smart and sustainable manufacturing and how we can help you save energy, improve material properties, and reduce regulatory costs. We are proud to supply precision power control and data management for industrial furnaces, ovens, and autoclaves.

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Industry 4.0 Applied to Process Control in Autoclaves and Ovens

Presenter: Peter Sherwin

Oct 31st 1:00PM Room 102

Autoclaves, Ovens, and Vacuum Furnaces used for composite and advanced material processing are quickly moving away from paper chart records in principle due to changes in the significant pyrometry standards (AMS2750). This move to digital data capture is leading to a step-change in the amount of data captured in thermal treating facilities. The amount of data collected in manufacturing can range from a few gigabytes per day to multiple terabytes per day, depending on the size and complexity of the manufacturing operation. However, manufacturers only typically use between 10-30% of the data collected due to the following reasons: • Lack of data integration – data is collected by different systems in different formats, making it difficult to integrate and analyze • Data quality issues – data is often incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated, making it difficult to make sensible decisions • Limited data analysis capabilities – manufacturers often need more tools and expertise to analyze the data effectively • Data overload – the growing volume of data generated can be overwhelming and makes it challenging to extract meaningful insights This presentation aims to help illustrate a number of different methods to maximize the value of data in a thermal treating operation, focusing on data integration, quality, and analysis capabilities.

Reduce regulatory costs

Data captured in a high integrity format at the source offers a best practice approach for internal quality control with accurate records, and eases compliance to regulatory requirements.

Latest information on AMS2750G and Eurotherm products – see here

Key updates:

Batch Find –  quick retrieval of process cycle based on any batch field text

Automatic Reporting – automatic print to pdf at the end of the batch and the ability to schedule pre-configured reports

Data availability – no more data islands, use OPC-UA connectivity to link to other software systems (release due September 2022)

We look forward to demonstrating the above features and more at FNA2022!

Key Offers:


  Data Reviewer software            nanodac Recorder/Controller

data reivewer

Save energy

Energy efficiency for metals and heat treatment furnaces.

With traditional analog power supplies, CapEx and OpEx costs are high, and workpiece yield and quality are uncertain. Installing advanced SCR based power supply solutions can offer significant cost savings and efficiency improvements, compared to legacy analog designs.

Key Offers:

SCR Power cabinet solutions

Advanced SCR Power Controller (50-630A, decentralized 800-4000A (MC))

Compact SCR power controllers (1-125A)

Improve material properties

Rework, rejects, and quality defects can take significant time and cost to resolve. Therefore, minimizing these issues is essential in the heat treatment process. Fast-acting, reliable, and repeatable precision control helps reduce quality challenges and associated costs.

Key updates:

EPC3000 – Now available with Factory Mutual (FM) approved temperature limit option.

Key Offers:

PID Controllers

PLC/PAC Process Automation and Machine Control


About Eurotherm

Our Eurotherm Vision is to be the preferred supplier of machine automation products, applications, systems and services for customers in specialist industries. Our mission is to solve our customers’ problems with pioneering products, bespoke systems, industry and regulatory expertise

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