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Most Actuators require linkage kits to couple them to the valve bodies.

This is particularly true of the box style actuators. Selecting the proper linkage kit is critical to ensure proper operation. Physical damage to the valve may occur with the wrong linkage. All linkage kits are mounted in any upright position with the actuator above the centerline of the valve body.

AV-39X Series

The AV-391-000-0-01 die cast aluminum linkage with indication is intended for actuators with 50 to 60 in-lb of available torque. Use it with EA12, EA42/EA42-A, EA44/EA44-A, EA52/EA52-A, and EA54/EA54-A on valve bodies of 2″ or smaller. The AV-395 will mount these actuators to 2-1/2″ through 4″ valves. The AV-393- 000-0-01 is intended for use with actuators with 220- in-lb of available torque. It can be used with models EA31, EA56/EA56-A and EA58/EA58-A on valve bodies of 2″ or smaller. The model AV-396 will mount these actuators to 2-1/2″ through 4″ valves. All AV-39X linkages may be field assembled for NO or NC operation by setting cams.


The AV-352 is a unique linkage for gear train actuators that provides a mechanical advantage to more than double the close-off pressure rating of some valve assemblies. It can be used with 220 in-lb actuators to double close-off pressure rating for 2-1/2″ through 4″ valve bodies and at rated pressure for 5″ and 6″ valve bodies. Use it with the EA31, EA56/ EA56-A, and EA58/EA58-A actuators.


The AV-358 linkage for electric actuators is for use with the EA76/EA76-A actuators on 5″ and 6″ valve bodies.


The AV-672 linkage couples the MF-63000 series of electric actuators to 2-1/2″ through 4″ valve bodies.

AV-329 and AV-330

The AV-329 linkage kit is used to couple 50-60 in-lb actuators (EA12, EA42/42A, EA44/44A, EA52/52A, EA54/54A) and the AV-330 is used to couple 220 in-lb actuators (EA31, EA56/56A, EA58/58A) to 2-1/2” and 3” diverting valves.

Please download the pdf from the “Documentation” section for information on:

  • Valve Assembly Tables
  • Valve Sizing for Water
  • Valve Sizing for Steam
  • Dimensions and drawings
  • Replacement Parts

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