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Mini8 Loop Controller
Mini8 Loop Controller Mini8 Loop Controller Mini8 Loop Controller

Mini8 Loop Controller

The Mini8 Controller offers high performance control usually only found in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. 
It is also a very competitive and compact data acquisition device. 
Its modular design enables its I/O and feature set to be selected to cater for a wide range of applications from simple to complex.

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Brand: Eurotherm
Product Code: Mini8
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File Name Size Updated
Mini8® Data Sheet (HA028480 Iss 9) 461.01KiB 04/02/2016
Remote CJC Block Declaration of Conformity (Iss 5), IA249986U780 753.63KiB 14/01/2016
Mini8 Declaration of Conformity (Iss 5), IA249986U660 773.84KiB 14/01/2016
Mini8™ Engineering Handbook (HA028581 Iss 16) 10.44MiB 13/01/2016
EMC Guide HA025464 6.45MiB 14/12/2015
Mini8™ Controller Installation Guide (HA028497 Iss 9) 667.19KiB 26/11/2015
Eurotherm iTools v9.64 (October 2015) 195.63MiB 10/11/2015
Customer First Support & Services (HA032340 Issue 1) 10.13MiB 29/04/2015
Eurotherm UK Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 6) 3.11MiB 17/02/2015
Mini8 Modbus IGES file 10.83MiB 10/02/2015
Mini8 Ethernet IGES file 10.75MiB 10/02/2015
Mini8 DeviceNet IGES file 10.99MiB 10/02/2015
Mini8 Modbus STEP file 4.85MiB 09/02/2015
Mini8 Ethernet STEP file 4.79MiB 09/02/2015
Mini8 DeviceNet STEP file 4.95MiB 09/02/2015
Mini8 EtherNet/IP EDS file v1.01 153.85KiB 05/02/2015
Mini8 DeviceNet Icon - Mini8.ico 766B 05/02/2015
File Revision 3.2 EDS file DeviceNet (DNETM12) Mini8 rev 3.3 109.1KiB 05/02/2015
File Revision 3.2 EDS file DeviceNet (DNETM12) Mini8 rev 3.1 109.02KiB 05/02/2015
File Revision 2.3 EDS file for Mini8 comms revision 2.3 52.91KiB 05/02/2015
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Analogue IP/OP
In: 32 Out: 8
Combinational Logic
24 Operations
Control Algorithms
Single, User wired
Control loops
Digital Comms
Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP Server
Digital IP/OP
In: 34 Out: 32
Maths Equation
24 Calculations
PC Configuration
Graphical Wiring
Special Features
Humidity, Load diagnostics, User wiring
4 / 2 / 2
Panel size (DIN)
DIN rail
Input Type
TC, mV, RTD, mA, CT
PV Accuracy
IP Rating
Display Type
Control Types
On/Off, PID
Alarm Types
Hi, Lo, Dev, Heater fail, Sensor break, Event,
Supply Voltage
24V dc
SP Programmer
8 Programmes, 16 Segments each
Real Time Clock
Day and Time
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