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Heat Treatment Control Solutions 





Eurotherm have been providing engineered solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than 40 years. Our furnace control solutions enable our customers to:


  • Optimise the heat treatment furnace control process.

  • Reduce waste through increased accuracy of furnace control and specialist control algorithms.

  • Optimise energy and power usage.

  • Curtail rework and reduce scrap by improving consistency and repeatability.

  • Increase plant availability using Eurotherm’s plant proven reliable heat treat control systems.

  • Reduce and eliminate paper trails by utilising the extensive data management, archive and reporting facilities.

  • Enhance personnel productivity with a structured view of plant operation and training.

  • Decrease the risk of human errors with secure recipe management systems and advanced control strategies.

  • Improve information flow with seamless integration to business systems.


Eurotherm’s heat treatment control systems are designed to provide the best value for many heat treatment applications by reducing plant downtime and maintenance costs, by:


  • Ensuring increased equipment availability through the use of products with high MTBF, redundant control strategies, online re-configuration and hardware ‘Hot Swap’ capability.

  • Utilising up-to-date proven technology designed to international standards with the future firmly in focus.

  • Offering total life cycle support including commissioning, training and on-site support service.

  • Phased migration from legacy systems.

At Eurotherm we understand that our heat treatment control systems form an important part of our customers demand for overall business efficiency. Our furnace control systems are designed to include, or be part of, the integration of the shop floor automation and the business scheduling systems to provide access to:


  • Information transfer systems via relational databases and secure historic data files.

  • Business systems with Enterprise Resource Planning systems, such as SAP.

  • Manufacturing planning systems (MRP, MRP2).


Eurotherm have a range of products and services designed to meet the audit regulations for heat treatment:


  • Prescriptive quality systems such as the Aerospace Industry standard Nadcap.

  • Nadcap associated Thermal processing specification AMS2750E.

  • Company quality manual processes such as the Automotive Industry Standard QS9000 and TS16949.

  • The provision of equipment and services to aid Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) to nationally accredited standards.



For more info please go to Heat Treatment Applications or contact us; application notes can be found in the Heat Treatment Library.