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Energy Management Solutions

How much does your furnace cost to run? Monitoring and managing energy usage provides the data needed to calculate the energy used by individual furnaces, per hour, by weight or by batch.

Energy SCADA

• EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert can continuously
analyze, troubleshoot and make informed decisions on
your water, air, gas, electric and steam use
• Automatically collects data and presents it as
meaningful actionable information via an intuitive
• Complements the functionality of a process-based
SCADA system

EPack™ Compact SCR Controller

• Compact design for smaller cabinets
• Highly adaptable via flexible software upgrades

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Advanced Power Control

In electrical furnace heating systems, random zone firing has the potential to draw large peaks of electrical power from the supply when multiple zones fire simultaneously. Not only can this impact energy costs, but in the worst case scenario it can exceed the maximum capacity of the individual transformers or the main power supply, causing an electrical power outage. Predictive Load Management strategies and advanced SCR firing technology in EPower SCR controllers help minimize energy costs and prevent power outages by balancing and limiting peaks in electricity demand.


EPower Advanced SCR Power Controller

• Predictive Load Management Load Sharing and Load Shedding Strategies help to reduce energy costs and the risk of power outages
• Advanced SCR firing modes help to lower energy costs through reduced harmonics and improved power factor
• Automatic transformer load tap changing strategy aids smooth power control and reduced maintenance
• Provides energy usage data for KPIs such as true power, apparent power and power factor

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Power Control Improvement Systems

Help Lower energy costs through reduced harmonics, improved
power factors and efficient design. Reduce peak demand
charges via load sharing and load shedding technology.
Power systems are available as:
• Individual SCR/Thyristors
• Engineered power panel solutions
• Packaged with transformers for a complete power supply
solution (VRT -Variable Reactance Transformer

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