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The Digital Fume Hoods VAV kit

An Industry 4.0 digital solution, providing contextualized knowledge at your fingertips

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A meaningful set of intuitive apps and fast-acting precision control


How the Digital Fume Hood VAV kit meets key Industry 4.0 requirements

Explore a complex system to simplify use of laboratory fume hoods

> Industry 4.0 requirements

Informed decision

Key information can be readily accessed by authorized personnel helping manage unexpected situations quickly and efficiently.


Seamlessly connect devices and share data between people and equipment
for a true IIoT system.

Aggregated data

Creation of a virtual copy of the physical process and contextual aggregation of data to benefit from predictive analytics and preventative maintenance.


Decentralization of decisions to give greater autonomy to cyber-physical systems.

Opportunity, safety, efficiency

Digitization offers the possibility of personalized additional services and improves organizational processes


Regulatory compliance is simplified using the Fume Hoods VAV kit on fume hoods within laboratories. Authorized operators have direct access to manuals and instructions for use


Material, waste, operator activity, and consumables are tracked using a blockchain-based technology. (future release)


The kit supports cybersecurity according to current best practices. It simplifies sensitive data protection both for operators and managers.

Cloud-based solution

Data can be archived on-premises, on your company cloud, or via the Schneider Electric reliable, cloud-based service solution.

Actionable analytics

It is possible to compare a fume hood work cycle against benchmarks.

Enhanced safety

The digital app supplies the operator with updated information to help avoid dangerous situations, asset status and procedures.

Real-time monitoring through digitization for immediate action

Why is it important to know laboratory fume hoods real-time status?

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