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The Digital Fume Hoods VAV kit

A solution for fume hoods helping make laboratories more sustainable

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Energy saving through efficiencies

  • Optimal environmental conditions maintained relative to the number of air changes and face velocity for each fume hood
  • Use of inverters to precisely adjust the hood’s air intake to further optimize energy consumption


Fume hood accessibility

It is possible to limit access to laboratory devices to only those operators who have successfully passed the training requirements in the correct use of laboratory assets through the digital app which helps to improve laboratory safety via the adoption of digitalization practices.


  • Reduce the use of paper questionnaires, manuals, records, and historical data archives by keeping them updated and available through the app
  • Remote event management to optimize equipment usage and, if required, supervise critical operating parameters during tests

Laboratory sustainability

Is it possible to reduce energy consumption and make your laboratory more sustainable?
We know it is, watch our video to discover how best to approach sustainability in an laboratory environment.

How much could you save by optimizing the energy consumption of your fume hoods?

Calculate your fume hood’s optimal energy consumption

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