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Oven Controller refurbishment


Company: Automation system provider

Industry: Heat Treatment

Customer Group: System Integrator

Project / Application: Oven controller refurbishment – replace six high maintenance oven controllers with E+PLC100 Combination PLCs that connect to third party (SCADA) & Production / Quality control system

Customer Challenge: Find cost effective solution to replace old high maintenance controllers

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:

  • Precision control
  • Data recording
  • Batch handling
  • E+PLC100 Combination PLC
  • Engineering training and support

Customer Benefits:

  • Replacement of six ovens no longer necessary
  • Data recorded at point of measurement, reduces the risk of data loss
  • Keep the established IT environment without any major changes

Additional Information:

  • Each E+PLC100 Combination PLC will control one oven
  • End user is a producer of chip bonding tools, fine ceramic & machining parts for high precision micro miniature tools manufacturing

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