PAC System Hardware

World class control, advanced data security, energy management, flexible I/O and visualization options combined with powerful strategy engines form the basis of systems that can easily integrate with existing platforms and 3rd party equipment as required.   Our products are designed with built-in functionality that reflects our core technology and application expertise – reducing engineering effort and providing you with systems that are delivered on time and work first time.

Automation Systems Hardware
Powerful, flexible products to meet your application needs

Built-in redundancy that doesn't require expensive engineering
Versatile HMI visualization solutions
Point of measurement, secure, redundant data recording
Powerful strategy engines
Proven control algorithms already packaged and implemented where you need them e.g. carbon diffusion
Energy management solutions
Batch management integrated at every level
Secure data recording
Embedded technologies to meet requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and AMS2750E without additional engineering

Eurotherm DCS solutions utilize the expertise on which we have built over 40 years of business.