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Machine Control Process Automation Applications

Eurotherm brings a wealth of expertise in process automation across many industries and offers high performance solutions designed to provide ongoing operational efficiency. Our solutions are fully scalable from the smallest HMI to a large, enterprise wide automation network and minimise initial engineering costs with consistent, flexible tool sets. Read about our latest process automation solutions here


eplc400 oil and gas test machine

Advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solutionA petrochemical plant chose Eurotherm™ E+PLC400 with E+HMI150 touch panel for the...

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eplc400 environmental chamber control

Advanced control, data management and visualization in a modular platform solutionA manufacturer and re-furbisher of climatic test chambers and ovens...

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T2550 PAC, Heat Treatment – Hydro Aluminium

“By using Low-temperature Oxyfuel, we can melt 50% more cold aluminium in the same amount of time as we did...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – E+PLC & EPack 3

Semiconductor – PID ControlCompany: Manufacturer of semiconductor process equipmentIndustry: SemiconductorCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Supervision of 3x precision PID loopsCustomer Challenge: Looking for a cost...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – T2750 PAC

Company: Environmental remediation and restoration organisationIndustry: Chemical – water treatmentCustomer Group: End UserProject / Application: Automation systemCustomer Challenge: Automate 45 water wells from a remotely located...

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Precision control and automation of networked autoclaves

Networked AutoClaves Company: Manufacturer of autoclaves for food, glass and composite processingIndustry: Food & BeverageCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Control package for networked autoclaves, for...

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Multizone oven control to meet AMS2750 requirements

Company: Producers of industrial box and conveyor ovens Industry: Ovens & Furnaces Customer Group:OEM Project / Application: Control of single (4 zone) composite oven with supervisory...

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Furnace/Oven control using the E+PLC combination PLC

Stainless Steel Foundry – Furnace Control Company: Stainless Steel FoundryIndustry: Heat TreatmentCustomer Group: End UserProject / Application: Furnace / Oven Control (Desk Design)Customer Challenge: Cost effective...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – E+PLC & Mini8

Food and beverage – pasteurizationCompany: Manufacturer of automated transit solutions for the agri-food industryIndustry: Food & BeverageCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Tunnel pasteurization –...

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Cost effective oven refurbishment with an E+PLC combination PLC

Heat treatment – Calibration LaboratoryCompany: Calibration Laboratory (Eurotherm)Industry: Heat TreatmentCustomer Group: Service ProviderProject / Application: Oven controller refurbishment – replacing two old, high-maintenance oven...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – E+PLC

Heat Treatment – Furnace control and recordingCompany: Automation system integratorIndustry: Heat TreatmentCustomer Group: System IntegratorProject / Application: Design and build of continuous furnace control...

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Eurotherm Application Overview – E+PLC & E+HMI 6

Compact Autoclave – Food and Beverage Company: Food processing machine manufacturerIndustry: Food & BeverageCustomer Group: OEMProject / Application: Compact autoclaveCustomer Challenge: Find most cost effective solutionFeatures,...

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