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Previous generation MACO products

Obsolescence Status of Older Platform MACO Products

REMINDER: This is a reminder about the Obsolescence of Older MACO Products  - email notices were sent out  June 2012. We feel it is important for you to know that we are nearing the end of LEVEL 1 and will begin to enter into LEVEL 2 in July 2013 (click on link for further information ObsolescenceStatus of Older Platform MACO Products).

Part of Eurotherm Plastics Solutions

Previous generation MACO products are a complete family of control products for plastics processing - operator stations, application specific I/O blocks (ASBs), racks, terminal I/O blocks (TBs) and other plastic machinery control components. Operator stations, ASBs and TBs can be networked to form an overall control scheme. Applied as a total machine controller, or as an individual component, MACO creates a system that meets your needs perfectly today, and whose adaptability ensures a perfect fit in the future. 

For legacy products such as: MACO 4000, 5000, 6000, 8000, RS and DS, click on the Downloads Tab above and register to open the MACO Control Systems Brochure. In this Brochure, using the index page, click on the item you want or scroll through the book page by page.

If you want to upgrade a previous generation Product/System, please visit our dedicated Plastics Solutions page. For more information on Repairs, please visit our Technical Support page. 



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