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The Digital Fume Hoods VAV kit

Estimate how much you could save by optimizing the energy consumption of your fume hoods

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Simplifying compliance to laboratory fume hood regulations through digitization

A digital solution, with regulatory compliance at its core, designed to optimize energy consumption and help protect your investment. Supervisors, EH&S managers and operators can utilize intuitive and comprehensive Industry 4.0 mobile apps to view, operate, and manage laboratory fume hoods.


Help maintain regulatory compliance with simplified calibrations and periodic tests to help meet standards such as ASHRAE 110.

> Simplify compliance


Optimize energy efficiency, reduce emissions to air, and maintain room comfort for optimal ecological and financial sustainability.

> Realize sustainability

Value for money

An investment in safety and compliance to standards, with a short payback period. Helping control maintenance and operating costs.

> Achieve OPEX efficiencies


Make informed decisions, with interoperability in a cybersecure manner by adopting IIoT principles. Discover our mobile app simplifying use and operativity.

> Discover digitization

How much could you save by optimizing the energy consumption of your fume hoods?

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Calculate your fume hood’s optimal energy consumption

Supporting operators to help achieve laboratory safety

Learn about the Digital Fume Hood VAV kit. Using the mobile app to access the fume hood and help reduce daily activity risks.

Laboratory sustainability

Is it possible to reduce energy consumption and make your laboratory more sustainable?

> Discover laboratory efficiencies

Measuring fume hood efficiency

How do you measure fume hood efficiency in preventing chemicals inhalation by laboratory operators? Is it true that fume hood face velocity represents a measure of its efficiency?

> Explore laboratory safety through efficiencies

Real-time monitoring through digitization

Why is it important to know laboratory fume hoods real-time status?


> Discover laboratory digitization and its benefits

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