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Eurotherm by Schneider ElectricTM is pleased to announce the release of the re-engineered Mini8® loop controller with a new firmware version, V5.04. This release provides many enhancements, while retaining the best-selling features our customers love.

Key benefits include:
• Reliable, repeatable, precision control, meeting accuracy requirements of AMS2750F and CQI-9
• Modular I/O
• Focus on analog excellence
• Physically compact, saving enclosure space
• IEC 61131 function block wiring for flexible applications, simple or complex
• Industry 4.0 ready, with a choice of communications options for machine connectivity

What is new?

Now with the latest generation of high-performance control with autotune to minimize commissioning and engineering time, the new Mini8 adds significant improvements:
More processing power, more wires and function blocks, and faster communications
Up to 24 loops can be handled in a single box, using Ethernet communications and remote I/O
• State-of-the-art “SuperLoop” function blocks, combining single loop PID and cascade control modes with full autotune
Native Ethernet and fully isolated EIA-485 serial Modbus RTU
Battery-free design reduces environmental impact and eradicates the need for periodic battery replacement
• Re-engineered around IIoT and cybersecurity best practices to support “defence in depth” strategies
• Form/Fit compatible with existing Mini8. No changes needed to drawings or wiring
• High levels of backwards compatibility for applications and an automated application translation tool.


Orders for V5.04 can be placed from February 4th, 2022.

For more information and for technical support, please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.

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