Plant to Business Software Solutions

System Platform

  • Versatile suite of software tools to match your requirements
  • Reduced engineering effort with autobuild and single project environment
  • Powerful graphic tools
  • Instant access to data from you plant with online monitoring from any node
  • OPC standards inbuilt to I/O drivers
  • Built in Security Managers – keeping systems secure without making operation and procedures cumbersome
  • Built in technologies to meet requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and AMS2750E without additional engineering

Eurotherm DCS brings you better integration and long term support options in a fully integrated solution.  Its architecture reduces your wiring and engineering costs while providing you with initial build accuracy and simplified maintenance of a single database structure.

Your system complexity and cost can further be reduced by utilising the Security Management and Alarm Management packages.  Open protocols, peer to peer communications, simple visualization and advanced math function blocks bring you proven solutions at a practical price and engineering level.

Longer term, the provision of a DCS system makes system upgrades, expansion, support, continued ERP integration and total lifecycle costs more easily manageable and will bring you peace of mind for continued optimisation of your process.