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Data Management (Electronic Records) and Regulations

Eurotherm data acquisition and management solutions help heat treaters meet their regulatory requirements throughout the data life-cycle, through provision of high accuracy temperature measurement, and features that aid high data integrity, reliable archiving, storage, review, and user management.

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Chart Record Review

Annotation Review

Process Record PDF

AMS2750F reference table below. (click here for the AMS2750F pyrometry solution note)

CQI-9 4th edition (clause P3.2.6) create write-one, read-only electronic records that cannot be altered without detection.

High Integrity Data Management Solutions


Data Management 

• E+PLC/T2750 PAC controllers
• 6000 Series Recorders
• nanodac™ 2-PID Loop Recorder/Controller
• versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder


Historian/Data Server

• Eurotherm Data Reviewer FTP/SFTP
• AVEVA Historian (formerly Wonderware)



• Process Charts (online,
PDF, printed copy)
• Dream Report software
(Process Analysis)


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