The Eurotherm name is known throughout the world as a leader in industrial automation components.

This list of products includes:

  • Thermocouples and RTDs. Eurotherm consistently has been a worldwide supplier of sensors for plastic machinery applications, heat treating furnaces, glass furnace control, food processing equipment, laboratories, industrial ovens, and a variety of temperature sensing applications. Patents or trademarks have been awarded for the Veri-Depth design of universal sensor and the Barcol MGO sensor products.
  • Atmosphere control systems. The Eurotherm carbon probe, oxygen probe, and the related air supply units offer the long life and consist performance that you demand in your high temperature applications. Our probes are directly compatible with all major brands of carbon or oxygen controllers.
  • Sensor accessories. Thermocouple plugs and jacks, thermocouple extension wire, thermowells, and more are all available from one source.
  • Quality Control products. The Memocal is a precision calibration device for measuring sensors and a millivolt source for testing the sensor input channels in your control system. The Barcol “Impressor” is an industry leading portable tester for confirming the hardness of aluminum, copper, brass, plastic products, composites, leather, and similar products.

All products are sold and supported around the world by a network of distributors and/or factory direct personnel. Please see our other catalogs or web-site, for additional products or for the latest additions to our product list.