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Will Japan’s hydrogen strategy help carbon neutrality goals?

The mass production of container glass in Japan started in 1916, when Nippon Glass bought a Michael Owens automatic bottle...

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Sizing up furnace boosting power supplies – From grid to glass

In whatever way furnace designs will change in the near future, it is clear that the related process and power...

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Preventing power outages and reducing electricity tariffs

A glass plant can have many instances of high power electrical equipment demanding power from the main supply. The biggest...

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Reducing energy consumption via predictive power strategies

A key feature of the EPower controller’s popularity is Predictive Load Management, which uses proprietary control strategies in combination with...

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Glass Industry Glossary of Terms

The following terms are used in the Glass industryA B C D E F G H I K L M N O P R S T V W...

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Glass Production Solutions

Solutions for Glass Manufacturing ProcessesFrom the simplest single loop control to full scale information integration and plant wide distributed control...

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