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Semiconductor fabrication PECVD processing solution

Managing low and high temperatures in Semiconductor PECVD processing for solar cell fabrication

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) processing

The process we describe here is specifically the diffusion and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) for solar cell fabrication. PECVD is a chemical vapor deposition process to grow and deposit ultra-thin films onto the wafer from a gas state.

Manufacturing challenges
Eurotherm precision temperature and power control
Managing complex cycle stages at low and high temperatures
High accuracy control maintains varying temperature ranges
Temperature disturbances - detrimental to quality and uniformity of wafer
Decisive and fast response to process disturbances
Managing process lags and temperature uniformity between zones
Cascade control regulates spike temperature and profile temperature across zones
Need fast rise to setpoint and precise tracking of desired ramp rates without overshoot
Precision PID control maintains process variables close to setpoint, even during ramps

PECVD vacuum chambers with Eurotherm control solution

  • Typically, two or up to four vacuum chambers per machine
  • Eurotherm true power control
  • Two control outputs with different gain
  • Control of up to four AIN heaters

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