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Eurotherm by Schneider Electric™ is pleased to announce the release of Eurotherm Data Reviewer V3.0.1. This release provides the following key updates:

  • Enhanced Database Management – The Enterprise Edition now offers an ability to perform both manual and automatic database management
  • Enhanced Custom Groups – Custom Groups now function more like a standard group card in the Enterprise Edition
  • Point Properties Updates – Full point properties support is now available in the Enterprise Edition
  • Updated Sample Intervals – The sample interval function has been updated to allow selection of a wider range of sample intervals.

Additional enhancements for:

  • Time Zone indication
  • Printing enhancements
  • Event Log download
  • Card last viewed indication
  • Access permissions


All orders placed after the 10th September 2021 will be shipped with V3.0.1. Eurotherm Data Reviewer software can also be downloaded from the Eurotherm Data Reviewer web page. Updates to Eurotherm Data Reviewer software will also be deployed via the Schneider Electric Software Upgrade tool (SESU).

Technical support

For Technical Support: to contact us for advice, either by telephone or via email please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.