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St. Louis, MO – Watlow®, a leading provider of industrial technology and thermal systems, is excited to announce the launch of its new Prime Distributor Program across Europe. This program will provide customers with improved support and easier access to the full line of products and solutions.

The Prime Distributor Program will be offered through a network of well-qualified distributors that have each established a strong local presence by providing customers with the great support they have come to expect from Watlow. The program is essential to the company’s go-to-market strategy for indirect European customers.

To qualify as a Watlow Prime Distributor, each business is required to demonstrate the ability to continually invest and scale their organization and to adhere to Watlow’s strict requirements for service and support for both its Eurotherm and Watlow product lines. A new logo treatment signifying a certified Prime distributor has been developed for these key partners to conduct business on Watlow’s behalf.

Watlow will have one Prime Distributor per country that will be the main distributor within Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the U.K. Other Prime Distributors may be added later as the business expands further across Europe. Each Prime will have primary responsibility for managing its own business as well as an extended network of Endorsed Distributors within their respective markets. Endorsed Distributors will assist Primes with other localized and unique needs as they arise.

The first market where the Prime program will be introduced is the U.K., and Watlow has selected Electroserv as the Prime Distributor within this important market. The company’s website, which currently offers Eurotherm’s product line, is currently under development to also provide access to Watlow offerings.

In the coming months, the company will be transferring a significant number of UK-based customers and distributors to Electroserv and will be working with relevant groups within Watlow to communicate with customers to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any disruption to business.

«The partnership of Watlow and Electroserv is a great step forward for our indirect business across Europe, providing a better customer experience as well as access to more sales and support resources,» said Steve France, Watlow’s indirect sales manager in Europe..

About Watlow

Watlow is a global industrial technology company that uses its world-class engineering expertise, advanced thermal systems, and manufacturing excellence to provide a wide array of temperature control, power control, heater technologies, and temperature sensing platforms. Watlow brings its experience to a broad cross section of industries, including semiconductor processing, environmental chambers, energy processes, diesel emissions, medical and foodservice equipment.

Since 1922, Watlow has grown in product capability, market experience and global reach. The company holds more than 1,100 patents and employs more than 4,200 team members working in 11 manufacturing facilities and nine technology and development centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

For more information, contact:

Bob Moore – Director of Marketing Communications