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Webinar On-Demand: Thermal Loop Solutions – Improve Performance, Sustainability and Compliance in Heat Treatment

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On-Demand | Speaker: Peter Sherwin

Heat treatment processes are a crucial component of many manufacturing industries, and thermal loop solutions have become increasingly popular for achieving improved temperature control and consistent outcomes. A thermal loop solution is a closed-loop system with several essential components, including an electrical power supply, power controller, heating element, temperature sensor and process controller. The electrical power supply provides the energy needed for heating, the power controller regulates the power output to the heating element, the heating element heats the material and the temperature sensor measures the temperature. Finally, the process controller adjusts the power output to maintain the desired temperature for the specified duration, providing better temperature control and consistent outcomes.

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Peter Sherwin

Global Business Development Manager – Heat Treatment, Watlow

Peter Sherwin is a Business Development Manager at Watlow (previously Eurotherm) focused on Heat Treatment and associated equipment (Chambers, Furnaces, Ovens).

He is passionate about providing thermal-loop solutions to help customers improve performance, sustainability, and compliance.