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Optimized Integration and Maintenance

Eurotherm Wonderware PAC Software. A comprehensive architecture and tool set for the efficient integration and support of Eurotherm PAC Systems within System Platform (Powered by Wonderware)

Comprehensive, Fast Integration, Helps Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

As industrial processes evolve to take advantage of Industry 4.0 technologies, process control systems often need the capability and flexibility to connect into wider plant and business level systems.

In a typical high end SCADA system, multiple software tools are needed to integrate the different components. This can slow down and complicate each stage of the engineering process, adding unnecessary time and cost.

Choosing a supervisory control system based on Eurotherm T2750 PAC controllers and visual supervisors enables faster integration through the use of Eurotherm Wonderware PAC Software. This tool set is designed to simplify integration into the highly respected AVEVA System Platform (formerly AVEVA System Platform (Powered by Wonderware)) and its related products, such as Historian, Batch Management (formerly InBatch), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, as well as other data analysis packages.

Compared to traditional SCADA solutions, utilizing the Eurotherm Wonderware PAC single integrated development environment (IDE) not only helps to reduce capital expenditure during the engineering phase by aiding faster integration, but also helps to minimize operational costs through efficient maintenance throughout the system’s life-cycle

A Scalable Consistent Design Approach

Familiar T2750 software tools can be launched from within the Wonderware PAC IDE for centralized management and quick access to:

  • Tools to optimize product set-up, and configuration of control, data acquisition, alarm management, audit trails and redundancy strategies
  • Deployment Tools for creating live views of the system health status
  • Runtime and Maintenance Tools for diagnostics and updates

Efficient Configuration and Visualization

Standardized Methodology Reduces Engineering Time and Costs

  • Reduces the learning curve for all levels of engineer, from system designers, through to commissioning, operations and maintenance
  • Control, I/O integration, alarm, historical data collection, supervisory scripting, and security configurations are stored within a single repository (ArchestrA Galaxy)
  • Galaxy backup and restore functionality is built-in

Simplified Set-Up

Manage all elements of a project from one environment, from small projects to large scale system platform architectures.

Specialized Eurotherm Functions Reduce Engineering Complexity and Cost

  • Application Object Library offers efficient configuration and visualization
  • Familiar ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality for placing devices and machine objects from built-in or custom made libraries
  • Eurotherm function blocks easily connect to objects, no need for individual parameter mapping

Easy Implementation of High Availability Solutions

  • Eurotherm PAC architecture offers options for redundant: I/O, CPU, power supply and network (RSTP topology)
  • Synchronize control strategies between processors at the touch of a button
  • Built in objects for fast creation of high availability architecture

Customized Views

Mobile Operation and Views of the Process

  • From local work stations to remote access via web browser enabled mobile devices
  • Detailed diagnostic symbols and process mimics for system operation, maintenance and diagnostics
  • Dashboard style views also provided to complement operational views

Function Blocks

From sensor to actuator, all signal conditioning, linearization and control algorithms are encapsulated in simple to use function blocks with pre-canned visualization components.

Simpler Regulatory Compliance

In traditional SCADA Systems, vital process data can be lost if communications are interrupted or equipment fails. This can lead to rework or scrap product, and noncompliance to validation procedures and regulatory audits.

Eurotherm PAC provides a data centric system which allows data to be stored locally at the point of measurement. If control device communication is interrupted, your data is automatically back-filled to the historian using Eurotherm ‘Store and Forward’ technology within the Wonderware PAC software, substantially reducing the risk of data loss compared to traditional SCADA methods.

Data Management Designed to Help Meet the Integrity Requirements of Regulated Processes

  • Data recorded in a standardized proprietary tamper resistant file format within internal memory before transfer, reduces the risk of data loss if communication is interrupted
  • Archiving automatically restarted when communications are re-established
  • Historical data is easily accessible from the historian database for analysis and reporting into external systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Audit Trail Features That Aid Compliance to Regulatory Standards

Alarms, events operator login/access and messages can be recorded in internal memory. A more reliable solution compared to traditional SCADA methods.

Control, data acquisition and audit features provided from within Wonderware PAC software aid compliance to specialist industry standards such as:

  • FDA 21CFR Part 11
  • FDA 21CFR Part 113
  • AMS2750E
  • CQI-9

Maximize the Availability of Your Assets

For peace of mind, your Eurotherm Wonderware PAC solution can be supported and maintained throughout its life-cycle by experienced Eurotherm field service teams, as part of a Eurotherm Customer FIRST Service Level Agreement.

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