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Standardized IoT Solutions 

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Designed to enhance furnace management for improved operational efficiency

Eurotherm solutions can help reduce downtime, optimize furnace utilization, track KPIs and simplify data access using open IoT platforms and IoT applications and services. Our engineered solutions can be based on IoT-enabled system architecture and platforms, connecting operational technology (OT) solutions with the latest in information technology (IT) to unlock trapped value in your operations and leverage the true potential of the Internet of Things.

Data Reviewer software with OPC UA

The Enterprise Edition of Eurotherm Data Reviewer allows OPC unified architecture (UA) clients access to historical process data, events and notifications stored in Eurotherm tamper resistant (uhh) data files, from within the Elasticsearch database. With the Report option enabled, OPC UA can be used to trigger pre-configured reports automatically.

  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Display, analyze, print and share historical data files at any time
  • Give insights into production processes, identifying areas for improvements
  • Full data audit trail (with Auditor option)

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Machine management software

Available as part of a Eurotherm engineered solution.

  • Track machines in operation
  • Monitor performance data
  • Fix exceptional events
  • Reduce support costs

Power monitoring software

Available as part of a Eurotherm engineered solution.

  • Advanced energy visualization and analysis tools
  • Electrical system health and energy efficiency information
  • Intelligent energy management through smart alarms
  • Aids informed decisions for performance improvement


Available as part of a Eurotherm engineered solution.

  • Advanced data storage and compression
  • Fast access to process, alarm and event data
  • Enables faster decisions based on operational performance information

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Cybersecurity solutions and services for operational technology (OT)

Eurotherm is committed to providing solutions that support your needs for cybersecurity protection. We apply a rigorous mindset, policies, and methodologies in the development of our products and the implementation of our solutions. Skilled and certified professionals provide vendor-agnostic services to help you assess your risk, implement cyber-specific IoT solutions, and maintain your defenses over time at your location.

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