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Audited Regulations for Heat Treatment

Eurotherm has a wide range of products and services designed to meet the audit regulations for heat treatment. Regulations fall into two main categories and Eurotherm provide solutions to meet both requirements:

  • Accreditation quality systems such as the aerospace standard AS7102 (Nadcap) and AMS2750
  • Company quality manual processes such as the automotive industry standard QS9000 and TS16949

Nadcap (National aerospace and defense contractors accreditation program)

Eurotherm are committed to helping customers achieve the quality standard which comes from the requirements of these specifications:

  • AS7102 Nadcap requirements for heat treating
  • AS7102/1 Requirements for national aerospace and defense contractors accreditation brazing program

Services for Heat Treatment

  • Heat Treat Control Solutions
  • Temperature Uniformity Survey reporting package
  • Products to help achieve AMS2750E Compliance

What is Nadcap?

The defining regulations for the Aerospace industry are laid out in the National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme (Nadcap). For Heat Treatment, Nadcap has specific audit requirements covered in AS7102 and the audit criteria AC7102. Eurotherm are committed to helping customers achieve the demands of this specification and the associated Thermal processing specification AMS2750.

Nadcap services we provide

  • Incorporation of Nadcap requirements into product design for Control Instrumentation and Data Management equipment to aid compliance
  • Incorporation of user routines into Control Instrumentation and Data Management products to aid systems accuracy test (SAT) compliance
  • World renowned control algorithms to aid accurate performance against defined thermal profiles
  • Special routines to eliminate thermal overshoot and achieve guaranteed thermal soak times
  • Soft-wired control solutions to accommodate workload thermocouples monitoring
  • The provision of equipment and services to aid temperature uniformity surveys (TUS) to nationally accredited standards
  • Secure local and remote data recording at every level, local and plant-wide
  • Routines for recipe revision control and recording of selected recipe profile against actual furnace performance
  • Special routines and input types to support accurate control of furnace vacuum and atmospheres

Eurotherm working with Aerospace Standard AS7102

General Quality Systems (AS7102 Section 3)

Eurotherm understand the demands of working to quality systems and has a key business focus to deliver products, services and advice to support companies with Nadcap accreditation and those seeking future accreditation.

Eurotherm operates a Management System in accordance with ISO9001 to ensure and demonstrate the design, development and manufacture of products and services conform to their specified requirements.
The organisation intends to maintain its reputation as a supplier of high quality equipment and software and a provider of efficient engineering services throughout the lifetime of its products.

Process Planning and Control (AS7102 Section 4) 

  • Batch management routines
  • Systems for recipe management, recipe revision control and recording of recipe selected
  • Simultaneous recording of actual process and required process parameters
  • Support for automated record keeping and multiple archive backups
  • Embedded logging of furnace malfunctions and interruption events

Personnel (AS7102 Section 5) 
Comprehensive product user manuals
Application guides for heat treatment equipment
Training services and advice
Material Handling and Protection (AS7102 Section 6) 

  • Systems for shop floor automation
  • Systems for monitoring remote time temperature records for refrigeration and sub zero temperatures

Test and Inspection (AS7102 Section 7) 
Ability to manually or electronically embed relevant client test results into tamperproof process data files

Furnace Control and Maintenance (AS7102 Section 8) 
AS7102 section 8 covers the requirements for Furnace Control and Maintenance. This is a key area of business for Eurotherm where we provide Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers services and support, particularly with respect to the following areas:

  • Records of heating cycles
  • Furnace diagnostics
  • Control of the heating environment
  • Control routines and records for quench systems
  • Pyrometry testing
  • Automated vacuum furnace leak rate and pump down routines

Supporting Documentation
A comprehensive response to AS7102 can be found in Eurotherm document HA029289.

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