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Eurotherm by Schneider Electric™ is pleased to announce the release of a new variant in the EPC3000 programmable controllers range of programmable controllers providing a limit switch function compliant with the “Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Standard for Temperature Limit and Supervisory Switches Class Number 3545. This is a predominately US based standard.

The EPC3000 controllers FM version may be used as a stand-alone limit switch, using fixed I/O, or expanded using additional options and soft wiring to combine limit, alarm, and control functions in a single device. It will be available in all three sizes of product and will have a fixed, unique firmware version V5.15.

The EPC3000 controller range FM version will be factory labeled with the FM mark (pictured on the right).


What is FM?

Factory Mutual is an organization operating in the US, providing insurance based services. As part of this, devices are defined for use in the protection of plant and equipment from over or under-temperature situations. The FM Approval standard (“Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Standard for Temperature Limit and Supervisory Switches Class Number 3545”) defines how these devices should function.

EPC3000 controllers range FM Function

The EPC3000 range of programmable controllers provides a highly flexible implementation of the FM Limit function, allowing for fairly simple “out of the box” configuration as well as combination with other EPC3000 I/O and soft wiring to create multi-function instrumentation.

It is available in all three instrument sizes. The most basic unit needed to perform the function requires no additional hardware options. However other hardware may be ordered, for example additional I/O or communications options, depending on the application.


The FM function is available from 27th September 2021.

For more information and for technical support, please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.

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