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Eurotherm by Schneider Electric™ is pleased to announce the release of V5.10.1 product firmware for the 6000 Series paperless graphic recorders. This release provides enhancements to support AeroDAQ and AMS2750F applications.


Eurotherm 6000XIO Paperless graphic recorder

What is new?

  • Calibration, SAT and TUS frequency – the math functions for Calibration, SAT and TUS frequencies have been updated to reflect the requirements of AMS2750F
  • Non-expendable thermocouple usage – base-metal non-expendable load thermocouple usage is dependent on temperature, and the math functions for thermocouple usage have been updated in line with the latest AMS2750F temperature thresholds
  • Support for new D+ instrument type – AMS2750F introduced a new instrument type, D+
  • Ethernet/IP Server – the Ethernet/IP server option has been updated to support the use of 32-bit registers, allowing the number of decimal places required to aid compliance to AMS2750F


All units shipped after the 22nd February 2022 will be shipped with V5.10.1 installed.

For more information and for technical support, please contact your local Eurotherm Helpdesk.

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