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Flexible Communications Designed for Easy Integration

User data can be exchanged to/from external devices using XML or CSV format. E+PLC products support Modbus communication to enable connection to other instruments and controllers.

  • Easy connection of Eurotherm products including controllers, recorders, drives and power controllers
  • Modbus library function blocks for quick set up of Eurotherm EPower™ and EPack™ power controllers, Mini8 Loop Controllers and 3200i indicators

Straightforward integration into wider DCS/ SCADA solutions

In addition to Modbus, OPC Server for Windows PC included in CODESYS allows exchange of data from within E+PLC and 3rd party devices, for example from HMIs or process data logging programs.

  • Includes OPC server, a server configurator, and a logger for debugging
  • Simple symbol based configuration of data to be exported

Ethernet Based Protocols Enable Integration into IIoT/Industry 4.0 technologies and 3rd party devices

  • Modbus TCP/IP master/slave communications
  • Serial Modbus RTU master/slave for connection to legacy equipment
  • Transfer of process data records via FTP to multiple specified servers
  • Inbuilt configurable Webserver allows remote view and control of key parameters through mobile devices
  • Open TCP/UDP communications accessible for programmers within applications in the IDE
  • Integrates into EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor Platform (EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor) for simplified calibration certification

Integration Architecture for E+PLC100 — External connections

Multiple E+PLC400 Architecture with E+HMI150, Web Client and Configuration Platform

“A customer wanted to increase efficiency by creating batches automatically when orders were entered into their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The Eurotherm solution automatically entered data into XML format, where it was ready for processing. The E+PLC regularly copied newly entered data from the enterprise system to its own Batch queue using FTP over Ethernet communications. Automating the data entry process met our customers efficiency requirement by reducing data entry time. Additionally, human interactions and bar code scanners were no longer required, which reduced operator related errors and equipment costs.”

System Integrator Engineer

EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor – for Paper Free Management of Your Plant’s Regulatory Status

The calibration of E+PLC can be easily maintained using EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor an efficient Eurotherm Online Service for managing calibration and accreditation information. Calibration status of your plant equipment can be checked and scheduled using a simple, intuitive web interface. From calibration certificates for individual products, to calibration reports covering individual plant systems and machines, information can quickly be retrieved for audit by authorized users. EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor offers an efficient alternative to traditional paper based calibration systems, helping to maximize plant availability and workflow across multiple sites, and aiding compliance with regulatory standards such as Nadcap, AMS2750E and CQI-9.

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