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World Class Products for Control

Eurotherm build control solutions to meet the widest range of Nadcap requirements covering instruments as defined in AMS2750E, classes A – E and across furnace classes 1 – 6. Solutions can either be made up from discrete products or integrated systems which include unique benefits for Aerospace and Automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Over 50 years’ reputation for high quality control in the aerospace and automotive industry
  • High precision temperature and process profile programmers
  • In-built features to aid systems accuracy tests
  • Batch and recipe management
  • World renown control algorithm
  • Support for furnace diagnostics and maintenance
  • High precision and high accuracy products, with long-term repeatability and performance
  • Excellent for use in integrated temperature vacuum and atmosphere applications
  • Multi-user password protection and complete audit trail systems
  • Communication to work-piece tracking over-temperature protection

Features to aid calibration and instrument Systems Accuracy Test

  • All products covered by unique serial number and/or password protected Instrument tag
  • Thermocouple input conversion complies with ASTM230 or national standards
  • Routines to restrict thermocouple use outside authorized range
  • Routines to record control monitoring and work load thermocouple cycles and usage
  • Calibration of instrumentation to meet requirements as defined by AMS2750 in table 3 for:
    •  Field test instruments
    •  Control, monitoring or recording instruments
  • Chart recorders and data management solutions to meet the resolution and speed requirements of AMS2750D tables 4 & 5
  • Products designed for long-term calibration stability
  • Fully documented manufacturers procedures for recalibration and introduction of offsets
  •  Procedures to meet accuracy requirements for:
    • Field test instrumentation
    • Controlling, monitoring & recording instruments
  • Password protected calibration and offsets
  • Digital communications of all parameters for easy recording of SATs and offsets
  • Digital instruments have readability to meet requirements of AMS2750D table 4 Note 2
  • Products meet the sensitivity requirements of AMS2750D table 3 Note 4
  • Error checking for digitally processed parameters used in control systems

Enhanced Features to aid Furnace Temperature Uniformity Performance

  • Specialist cutback overshoot parameters
  • Specialist overshoot techniques for ramp/dwell transitions
  • Alternative high stability control algorithms for gas and electric furnaces
  • Multiple tuning sets or dynamic tuning to aid TUS over wide range of setpoints and load sizes
  • Work thermocouple monitoring and control routines
  • Power feedback routines to eliminate impact of supply voltage changes on control stability
  • Mathematical functions and graphical soft wired solutions
  • Capability for continuous and sequential furnace control

Support and Applications Knowledge

  • Provision of local accredited services and application knowledge
  • Furnace instrumentation system audits
  • Data management network service support
  • Furnace optimisation services
  • Regional onsite services for system accuracy tests to national accredited standards
  • Regional onsite services for Temperature Uniformity Survey tests

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