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Heat Treatment – Eurotherm Regulatory Expertise

Our highly respected and knowledgeable global heat treatment sales team includes members of industry-standards committees, involved in both heat treatment standard development and balloted voting decisions. As well as having a PRI (Performance Review Institute) Trainer on staff, many of our engineers are trained on the AMS2750 Pyrometry standard giving our wider team a deep understanding of the industry, its processes and regulatory requirements.

Eurotherm Customer First Services

Experienced engineering teams provide localized support in all major regions, covering:

  • Project delivery
  • Calibration
  • Accreditation
  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS)
  • Energy Surveys
  • Efficiency Optimization
  • Cyber Security Surveys
  • Training

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Eurotherm help over 65% of Nadcap sites in Europe with their accreditation challenges

Challenge: Provide control of a small furnace through to plant wide automation, using technology that grows with your needs.

Hoosier Spring selected Eurotherm to further improve control and data acquisition in their internal Heat Treatment department. The 3504 Advanced Temperature Controller and Programmer provided enhancements to their temperature control, while the AeroDAQ Data Management Solution provided high integrity data acquisition with thermocouple life monitoring, to meet AMS2750F requirements.

“We designed a software solution in the 3504 controller that allowed us to manage the temperature recovery and prevent overshoot without cooling the furnace down before loading. Thus allowing greater production throughput.”

President – Leading Control & Engineering Service Company

AMS2750F pyrometry solutions

Heat treatment falls under the “special process” category, with Nadcap℠ acting as the approval body for “special processes” for the aerospace industry. Any process that can change or alter a part’s material or physical integrity by introducing stresses via mechanical, thermal, or chemical operations may be considered a special process and must be given particular care to avoid potential defects. The AMS2750 specification provides standardized pyrometry requirements (temperature measurement) in the heat treatment of products for the aerospace industry. Eurotherm addresses these requirements with specialized solutions using Eurotherm products.

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How can we help you meet these quality requirements?

  • Business focus on regulations for industrial process at all levels in Eurotherm
  • Global involvement with Heat Treatment industry
  • High capability manufacturing and service quality systems
  • Full range of field test instrumentation, control, monitoring and recording instruments
  • Products and services designed to help meet the requirements of AMS2750F & CQI-9
  • High performance products to meet requirements of System Accuracy Tests (SATs)
  • Compliance with demands for maintenance of electronic records and electronic signatures
  • World renown control to aid Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS)
  • Advice and support documentation to aid the understanding of specifications

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