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Company: Automotive Parts Processor

Industry: Heat Treatment

Project / Application: Replacement thyristor power switch and load sequencer – vacuum carburizing furnace

Customer Challenge: Modernize power control for easier maintenance. Simplify and improve power control for operators during transformer startup.

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:

  • 3–phase power control system, using EPower™ Controllers in 2-leg control configuration
  • Predictive Load Management feature with load-shedding
  • Inrush current suppression on mains transformer
  • Integrated impedance measurement to monitor graphite heating elements and insulation

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced maintenance through use of modular product with heater element health monitor
  • Manual activities reduced through automated measurements and calculations, and  pre-defined values for easier transformer start-up, all accessible via the user screen
  • Predictive Load Management across all vacuum furnaces helps reduce the risk of exceeding the plant energy tariff and supply limits
  • Profibus connectivity enables recording of important values for future use

Additional Information:

Hardware, electrical cabinet, system startup and technical support supplied by Eurotherm Partner EMSR EUROTHERM GmbH

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