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Who to Contact?


Michael Brownhill

Michael Brownhill

Business Development Manager, Power Products and Glass – UK

E-mail: michael.brownhill@watlow.com

Tel: +44 (0) 7713 502533

Christian Megret

Christian Megret

Business Development Manager, Glass – France

E-mail: christian.megret@watlow.com

Tel: +33 478 664 513

Karl-Heinz Hartmann

Karl-Heinz Hartmann

Key Account Manager, Glass – Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

E-mail: karl-heinz.hartmann@watlow.com

Tel: +49 966 595 220

Giorgio Morando

Giorgio Morando

Sales Specialist SME Power Solutions Industrial Automation Business – Italy

E-mail: giorgio.morando@watlow.com

Tel: +39 340 5924829

Global Glass Team

Mikael Le Guern

Mikael Le Guern

Global Glass Business Development Manager

E-mail: mikael.leguern@watlow.com

Tel: +1 (571) 246-3194

Torsten Hannappel

Global Key Account Manager Glass

E-mail: torsten.hannappel@watlow.com

Tel: +49 ( 0) 172 3980439

Gregoire Quere

Gregoire Quere

Global Business Development Manager – Power Solutions

E-mail: gregoire.quere@watlow.com

Tel: +33 478664542

If your region is not covered above, please contact Mikael Le Guern.

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