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The growth of bacteria that cause food spoilage is influenced by humidity, temperature and exposure to air.

Production of charcuterie is always based on three techniques – salting, smoking and curing. These contribute to the microbiological stability of the product.

Salt, the oldest ingredient in meat processing, has antibacterial properties. According to the amount of salt used, it will be stored at either room temperature or at refrigerated temperature.

Smoking, in charcuterie, primarily aims to complete curing which already began with the reduction in water content through salting, adding antibacterial compounds and also adding flavour. The products are put in smoke from the slow pyrolysis of wood scrapings heated by electric resistance.

Finally, curing enables dehydration of the product – by reducing the water content, this technique directly acts on the physicochemical and microbiological properties of the foods.


  • Cooling control (salting)
  • Recording and historization: temperature, humidity
  • Temperature control of autoclaves (cooking)
  • Batch management

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