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The manufacture of chocolate is done through several processing stages which require maintenance of the liquid state up to the final stage – tempering (turning into solid state).

Conching and tempering are two important phases since the quality of the final product depends on mastering these two processes.


A fundamental stage in the creation of chocolate, conching enables homogenisation of the product emerging from the grinder. These machines consist of a vessel with a double wall which enables circulation of the warm and cool water, and a series of mechanisms which create continuous grinding and mixing movements. This operation mainly prevents moisture loss, but
also changes the taste, fineness and homogenisation of the chocolate.


Tempering is a delicate stage which involves carefully turning the chocolate from liquid or semiliquid state to solid state.The chocolate is heated to a specific temperature until the cocoa butter crystals have completely fused. Next, it is carefully cooled down to a specific temperature.
It is easy to spot good tempering because it produces a glossy and smooth appearance; good, clear snap; firm bite; smooth, silky, homogenous texture in the mouth; which develop all the aromas and taste.


  • Temperature regulation of the warm and cool water circulation of the conche
  • Recording of data
  • Accurate temperature control of the vat
  • Programming temperature profiles
  • Controlling the electric heating circuit
  • Historization

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