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Three phase, burst firing power controller - TE300

  • Ergonomic design

  • Burst firing, single cycle and advanced single cycle firing modes

  • Nominal current per phase 16 to 63A at 45°C

  • Voltage up to 500V 

The TE300 is designed for general purpose three phase applications where a resistive load or infrared heaters are involved.

The TE300 is controlled by an analog signal which is selectable for DC current or voltage.  A 5V user voltage enables local control by a potentiometer.  The unit can be used to control non standard three phase voltages by using an optional auxiliary supply input.

Firing Modes

In addition to burst firing and single cycle firing modes, the unit has an Advanced Single Cycle mode. This mode enables a complete number of half cycles switching for the non firing period and a complete number of full cycles switching for the firing period. This mode reduces the annoying visual flickering when controlling short wave infrared (SWIR) elements. With advanced single cycle firing, the cycle time is reduced compared with normal single cycle operation. This is advantageous when phase angle firing is not acceptable and zero crossing is required.

TE 300 image
TE 300 small image
TE 300 small image
TE 300 small image


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