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Eurotherm EPC3000 programmable controllers

Helping deliver an efficient and secure process
Maintain high standards of production quality and help ease your cybersecurity worries

Spec & Downloads

Whatever your process, the EPC3000 range easily achieves the required stability, accuracy and repeatability

Efficient, consistent production quality

EPC3000 programmable controllers deliver fast acting precision control. This helps to maximize yield at high quality with products that are built to last.
Reduce equipment costs and increase efficiency

  • Easy to install, commission and replace
  • Clear, user friendly operation, with scrolling help text
  • Reduce downtime with powerful diagnostics
  • Robust design for reliability in demanding environments and highly regulated industrial processes
  • Three year standard warranty and free online support
Improve quality, reduce scrap and increase profits
  • Precise repeatable control improves quality, increases yield and minimizes waste
  • Improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with real-time indicators for efficient monitoring of the process
  • Low total cost of ownership
Adaptable, scalable and digitized
  • Adapt easily to changing needs with flexible software
  • Instant upgrades available online, only pay for what you need now
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectivity
  • Versatile across a broad range of applications
World class certification
  • Certified to Achilles® CRT Level 1 Cybersecurity
  • Certified to international standards including CE, cUL, CCC (exempt), EAC (CUTR) pending
  • Panel sealing to NEMA4X IP66
  • Complies with control requirements of AMS2750E and CQI-9
  • See datasheet for full list of certifications

“The performance of this controller is impressive and the certification for Ethernet robustness will help our cybersecurity strategy and give peace of mind for the future”

System integrator, India

React at the speed of change

  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Easy and quick to commission
  • Fast to replace and repair
  • Saves time and money by reducing equipment costs and downtime

Improve product quality and lower production costs with precision control

Precision control begins with the measurement circuitry. The EPC3000 measurement system has excellent thermal stability and outstanding noise rejection for this class of controller. High sampling rate, automatically adapting to input type, delivers rapid, precise, repeatable control performance.

Proven over many years of use, the Eurotherm PID algorithm used in the EPC3000 delivers industry-leading response time to setpoint change or process disturbance. The speed of response means time and energy is not wasted waiting for operating temperature to be reached, while minimizing the overshoot and oscillations common in many PID implementations.

Repeatable control increases process yield and OEE while reducing scrap. High precision measurements allow tight process tolerances to be met easily. With a longer design life and three-year warranty as standard, the Eurotherm EPC3000 controller will help deliver high quality production batch after batch, year after year.

Eurotherm overshoot cut back capability

By automatically reducing power demand near the setpoint the Eurotherm cut back feature significantly minimizes overshoot which reduces waste and optimizes energy usage. This lowers the risk of parts not reaching operating temperature or overheating.

Eurotherm over ramp suppression achieves optimum ramp rate without affecting quality

Ramp rate controls the rate of change to setpoint, keeping the material within specified temperature limits, minimizing damage and distortion in the final product. A holdback “Guaranteed Soak” function enables material to reach the required temperature before the process advances.

“This solution has simplified our process, and operation is so easy – the display presents only the parameters the operator wants to see, all the other parameters are locked away under password protection”

Leading aerospace manufacturer Quality Manager

The EPC3000 range allows you to optimize a wide spectrum of industrial processes

Semi Conductors | Composites | Automotive | Aerospace
Advanced Materials Processing | Laboratories | Food & Beverage Glass | Steam Applications | Plastics

Industrial furnaces • Autoclaves • Crystal growing • Atmosphere control • Composite materials processing • Heat exchangers • Climatic chambers • Annealers • Dryers • Ovens • Pasteurizers • Sterilizers Incubators • Boilers • Extruders • Blow molders • Injection molders • Trace heating • Bushing control Disinfection processes • Batch processing • Melt pressure control • Industrial distillation

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