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Compliance with Regulatory and Quality Standards

Regulated industries typically require data recording formats that are resistant to tampering, and available for quality control and auditing at a later date. The E+PLC range utilizes several data management strategies that aid data integrity and file security.

Smart Efficient Data Management

Data files are stored in Eurotherm proprietary tamper resistant file format (.UHH), a better alternative compared to commonly used editable .CSV files. Process data such as operator logins, messages, alarms and other events can also be recorded for traceability.

  • Integrated recording functionality easily configurable in the CODESYS IDE
  • Data is recorded within a dedicated high availability file system on the E+PLC, reducing dependence upon communications to a Historian on a remote server
  • Data archiving is automatically restarted when communications are available
  • Tamper resistant backward compatible file format
  • ‘Highly Reliable File System’ (HRFS) helps to prevent possible loss or corruption of data due to power interruptions
  • Traceability of what happened in the process and when

Eurotherm Data Recording Library Function Blocks Include:

✓ Recording of operator and auditor messages, operator login/logout, group alarm notification

✓ Memory capacity, duration and status information

✓ Setup of archiving via FTP and USB

✓ Visualization element – display of runtime and historical data, configurable via an intuitive interface

Recorded data can be retrieved from history files at any time using Eurotherm Review, for analysis or reporting purposes.

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